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    "But● boosting consu●mption sho○uld not only depend 〓on preferenti●al policies.Qi Ji■ngmei also said, ■"The effec■t of these po〓licies is fall〓ing. Farmer○s' income is inc●reasing, but i

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    s sti●ll low compar〓ed with tha○t of urban■ residents."Ex■perts say the ultim〓ate way to boost c◆onsumption● is to increase● people's income.Enc●ouraged by the● rollout of pr■eferential nati●onal pol

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    icies to p●romote outboun●d investments,● Chinese ent■erprises are bus■y shopping for fo■reign mergers a●nd acquisitions.Th◆e question is whet〓her this new enthus〓iasm will translate● into the kind

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  • ●y of the economy.Q〓i Jingmei, rese●arch

    of◆ success stories tha●t will jus〓tify the stra○tegy.Accordin○g to one survey by● the China Counc■il for the Pr●omotion of I○nternation〓al Trade earlier th○is year, o■nly a third of the ■mergers and acquisi●tions

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  • State Infor●mation Center, 〓said,

    by Chi■nese companies wer○e considered succ●essful."There have ○been few smart d●eals, as far ■as I know,"〓 said Thomas C●hen, the China st〓rategy direc◆tor for Inter●brand, an intern〓ational brand con●sulting firm."T◆he bigg